Flamgo Firelighter Cube

Be smarter, buy Best Value products – not cheapest

The Flamgo Firelighter Cubes
Combines top quality with competitive prices

The famous Flamgo firelighter cube is probably the best firelighter in the world. The cube has outstanding ignition capabilities in terms of burning time and flame hight. The 2 most important factors in lighting a fire effectively.

The Flamgo firelighter cubes are ideal for lighting BBQ grills, wood burning stoves and bonfires – in an effective and safe way.

They are based on pure n-paraffin and are therefore completely smokeless, odourless, non-toxic and soot free. Cheaper products usually do not contain the more expensive ingredient n-paraffin.

Cubes made without n-paraffin will leave a nasty smell on your fingers, when you touch them, they will create a dark and nasty smelling smoke, they will soot and they are indeed toxic.

On top of that they do not have the same burning qualities as the Flamgo cube, which means that you will have to use more cubes to light a fire effectively. Please take this into account when deciding which brand to buy. Be smarter.

All Cubes are
individually sealed

Which ensures that the cubes remain in a perfect condition. If not sealed individually or when exposed to air, the n-paraffin will evaporate and will result in a less effective firelighting cube.


The Flamgo cubes have an average burning time of 10 minutes and burn with a 35 cm. high flame, which means that you only need 1-2 Flamgo firelighter cubes to ignite a fire.

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